The 3 Essentials of Safe Winter Running

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Cold weather is no reason to stick to the treadmill. Running in the cold is more conducive to burning fat, can help you build endurance faster, and even boosts your mood more than running in the heat. With the right athletic wear and a bit of caution, it’s perfectly safe, too. Magnitude MBS in Brooklyn balances function with aesthetic—their active tops and leggings keep city jogging warm and stylish. Here are some of their tips for safe winter exercise.

1. Stretch

It’s always a good idea to get your muscles warmed up before getting to your top speed. The best pre-run stretches are called dynamic stretches, which involve movement that bring up your muscles’ temperatures. Try running in place before going outside or jogging in place before breaking into full speed.

2. Run During the Day

Visibility is low for drivers during the night, and if weather conditions are poor, it’ll take them longer to stop. If you must run at dusk or nighttime, try adding bright, reflective tape to your athletic wear. Doing so will make you easier to see. Following the recent blizzard, however, New York City temperatures are predicted to drop well below freezing at night. Running in that cold is pushing it, even for the most serious cardio enthusiasts.

3. Wear Proper Athletic wear

Tryto cover as much skin as possible while running in the cold. Keeping warm will help your muscles stay limber, making you less likely to pull a muscle. Aside from shoes with good traction, keep your legs warm with Magnitude MBS’s Black Out fleece-lined leggings. Comfortable and stretchy, they’re made for cold-weather activity. Shrug off the wind with the Zip Up athletic jacket. It’s made of polyester and spandex to protect against the elements. This matching athletic wear ensemble strikes a bold image against the snow.

Stay warm and stay safe. Running in the cold is good for you, but only in moderation. Look good while burning calories with Magnitude MBS’s chic athletic wear. Check out all of their styles on their website or inquire about an item at (917) 830-9844.  

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